“Why I Shop Consignment” :: Cynthia K. Shares Her Love for Consignment Boutiques

“Why I Shop Consignment” :: Cynthia K. Shares Her Love for Consignment Boutiques

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One of Haute Again Consignment‘s favorite consignors and shoppers, Cynthia K. took the time to share with us why she loves shopping at consignment boutiques. Cynthia is an avid consignment shopper. Whenever and wherever she travels, she makes it a point to visit the local consignment shops. Cynthia is also a Pinterest pinner and superb seamstress. The woman knows what she’s talk’n about. Take it away Cynthia.

Why I shop consignment

One of my shopping mantras is “Nothing better than a consignment shop in a good zip code” and consignment shopping has been one of my secret style weapons for years.

If you’re new to consignment shopping – here are 6 good reasons why it works for me.

Consignment is not thrift

I hear people complain that they don’t understand why the prices in consignment shops are higher than in thrift stores.  That’s easy. A consignment shop is curated, edited, and often reflects the trained eye of the shop owner.  Sure, you can unearth a great designer find in a thrift store, but you are the one taking the time, digging through the drek, to find that needle in a haystack. A good consignment shop will also rule out items that are torn, moth-eaten, soiled, or otherwise less than perfect.

Quality construction and materials

When you shop consignment you’re often getting boutique or designer brands.  Beyond the label, this means better fabrics, better construction techniques, and the details that all contribute to fabulous fit and a fabulous look.

But I can get a designer label in a capsule collection at H&M or Target

Again, quality of construction and fabrics.  When you buy from these capsule collections you’re getting the designer name without the key ingredients that make buying high-end worth it. Fast- and cheap-fashion items usually don’t hold up past a handful of washings, so better brands mean the item will look great longer.

Boutique and designer shopping at mass-market prices

Well curated consignment shops know the business; their owners know not just the name designers, but up and coming designers and small interesting lines that are often found only in boutiques. You can add an unusual piece to your wardrobe for a fraction of what you would pay in a boutique; and you won’t look like everyone else who is shopping at the mall at the same 10 stores.

Consignment shopping is responsible

Even before public consciousness was raised following the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory complex, Elizabeth Cline was exposing the high cost of cheap fashion in her excellent book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion  This isn’t a compelling reason for everyone, but if it is for you—buying gently used clothing rather than fast fashion is better for society and for the environment.

Consignment shopping is fun

Constantly changing inventory, a wide selection of labels, a shop owner who knows your taste – consignment shopping can be a lot of fun.  You open yourself to the unexpected and the unusual. Most good shops will only accept clothing that either classic or still on-trend, so you’re likely to find something that you can wear for many seasons.

Cheers Cynthia! Thank you for sharing. See you soon.

You can check out Cynthia’s Eye on Haute Again’s Pinterest page.Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.04.10 PM