Denim ❤ Boho

Denim ❤ Boho


Denim ❤ Boho

Two trends with no sign of stopping are a natural pair – denim and boho.  As with all the boho looks, proportion and theme make the look.

And while the look is willowy and effortless, to pull it off it is actually quite calculated.

Here are some tips:

flares and fringe
long kimono flares and laceThe best jeans to pair with boho are boyfriend, skinnies, distressed, and the new cropped ankle flares.
We like them paired with a flowy kimono – either hip or floor length.

A peasant style blouse worn off the shoulder.

A structured top with lace or fringe.
tumblr_o5mmapDzlf1s0xfxyo1_1280While we tend to focus on denim as jeans – the Spring 2016 is about more than just jeans.  Toss that tried and true denim jacket over a long knit skirt. Or a 1000 times washed soft denim shirt with just about anything.  To our eye, denim tops and jackets can take on a more distressed look than jeans without looking sloppy – so the older and more loved the better!
Another big look for Spring is embellished denim jackets.  If you’re crafty, take a plain jacket and dress it up with lace, embroidery, patches, or fabric paint.
Denim on denim, once taboo, is being embraced this season.  Break it up by wearing light denim on top and a darker wash below.
Boho can be a challenging look for those of us who are, shall we say, height challenged.  If you’re petite, employ the tricks you already use to make you look taller:  Deep v-necks to create length, bootcut or flared bottoms to create height, and a heeled bootie or a platform sandal.
tumblr_o4i9byITRJ1qcc2gvo1_1280 tumblr_o21o9fU7Lw1qigui6o1_500 Caroline-de-Maigret_WA708_WHT_M01_0839-copy tumblr_o3rb6wXvzN1rj38h4o1_1280
We’ve got lots of great denim at Haute Again, along with some fantastic new kimono styled jackets from Indie Ella. Here, here, and here.